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Alaskan Red King Crab Jumbo 9/12

Alaskan Red King Crab Jumbo 9/12

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Seafood lovers around the world choose the Alaskan red king crab for its sweet and succulent meat, making it a popular option. When you cook the meat perfectly, it becomes tender and delicious. It has a hint of sweetness that pairs nicely with melted butter or a squeeze of lemon. Whether you're hosting a special dinner party or simply treating yourself to a gourmet meal, Alaskan red king crab legs are sure to impress.

Wild Alaskan King Crab legs are extremely popular because they are substantial in size and have a robust flavor. Sourced from the pristine waters of Alaska, these pre cooked wild-caught king crab legs boast a sweet, succulent taste that is unrivaled.

Red king crabs are the biggest crabs caught for commercial purposes. They vary in color from brownish to bluish red and have sharp spines covering them. Each of them has three sets of legs for walking and one set of claws.

This includes Alaska king crab claws that are different shapes. One claw is large and robust for crushing prey, while the other claw is smaller and utilized for delicately handling food.

Fishermen catch the Alaskan red king crab at sea and promptly cook and freeze it to preserve its natural quality. For all our seafood products we work closely with reputable harvesters and processors of wild seafood. You can trace each item back to its origin, ensuring transparency and quality assurance.

When preparing Alaskan red king crab legs, it's important to thaw them properly before cooking. To thaw frozen legs, either put them in the fridge overnight or run them under cold water until thawed. Once thawed, you can bake, steam, or grill the crab legs to perfection. Serve them with a side of drawn butter, a fresh salad, and a glass of white wine for a truly decadent dining experience.

You can enjoy Alaskan red king crab legs without worry. They come from a trusted source that values quality and sustainability.

Indulge in luxury with our 10lb case of 9-12 AK Red King Crab Legs. Whether you're feeding a crowd or enjoying a special meal for two, these crab legs are sure to impress. Experience the unparalleled flavor and texture of Alaskan red king crab legs today.

Wild Tide offers the highest quality Red King Crab, wild caught and responsibly sourced. Our jumbo Alaskan red king crab legs offer a potent, rich and sweet flavor experience. Shipped to your door anywhere in the US.

Seafood lovers around the world choose the wild Alaskan red king crab for its sweet and succulent meat, making it a popular option. When you cook the crab meat well, it has tender texture and is flavorful. It has a rich and buttery taste that can impress even the pickiest eater. Whether you're hosting a fancy dinner or just treating yourself, Alaskan red king crab legs are always a crowd-pleaser.

When preparing the Alaskan red king crab legs, it is important to thaw them properly before cooking. After thawing, just bake them in the oven with butter and seasoning for a tasty and simple meal. Enjoy your crab legs with melted butter and lemon wedges for a delicious seafood treat.

The 10lb case contains 9-12 Alaskan red king crab legs. Ideal for feeding a crowd and creating a memorable dining experience for your guests.

10lb case of 9-12 AK Red King Crab Legs, Feeds 9-12 people .


How to defrost frozen seafood

Thawing your seafood products correctly is very important in order to ensure peak quality and prevent health risks. All of our frozen seafood is glazed to prevent freezer burn. Once thawed pat gently with a paper towel to remove excess moisture. We recommend you follow FDA guidelines for food handling and cook all products to the FDA’s Recommended internal temperatures. There are several methods of defrosting your seafood. We recommend the following:

  • Refrigerator Method - For the best quality remove from packaging, plate and then cover. Place product in the refrigerator 12-24 hours prior to cooking. Once defrosted your seafood will be good for up to three days. Do not refreeze product.
  • Water Method - For IVP portions place product in a container of cold water (Don’t use warm water as it will pre cook the product unevenly) in the kitchen sink. Change the water periodically or place product under constant light spray of cold water to control temperature. Check seafood in about an hour once thawed cook immediately. For IQF bags remove your desired quantity of product from bag and place in a separate resealable bag. Promptly return the unused product in original IQF bag to the freezer. Submerge the product being defrosted in a cold bowl of water leaving the product in the sealed bag. Keep submerged until product is completely defrosted changing the water changing the water as needed. It is not recommended to thaw product outside of the sealed bag. Cook immediately after defrosting.
  • Microwave Method - You can defrost fish in the microwave by following your microwaves defrost settings and instructions. While this is the fastest method we don’t recommend it as quality control will suffer.


Cooking instructions

  • Fish - We recommend you pat dry coat with your desired cooking oil (we recommend Olive Oil or Grapeseed Oil). Place fish in a heated pan and cook uncovered until browned. Turn your fish over and season with spices then cover the skillet tightly. Reduce heat to medium and cook 6-8 minutes more until fish is opaque throughout.
  • Shellfish - All our shellfish is precooked to ensure quality and safety. To prepare we recommend steaming or sautéing with seasoning (we recommend Old Bay). Once product has been under boil for around 5-6 minutes it should be ready to eat.

How is my Wild Tide Seafoods order packed?

We pack your products carefully in a reusable, recyclable cooler containing plenty of dry ice. The individual portions or packs within the cooler are vacuum-packed. Your fish items should arrive hard-frozen, and all you need to do is transfer them directly to your freezer.

There may be some remaining dry ice in the bottom of the shipping cooler, beneath the shipping pad that is under the fish items. Please use care handling any remaining dry ice (per notes on plastic cover); you can simply place the lid back on the shipping cooler overnight to allow the dry ice to dissipate.

What is your return/replacement policy?

We want you to be completely satisfied with the quality of our Wild Tide Seafoods products. If you receive fish products that are thawed or materially damaged or have other substantive problems, we will replace your products free of charge. To request a replacement, please contact us at info@Wild Tide Seafoods.com with details within 7 days of receipt of products. If it is conveniently possible to photograph the problem and attach a photo to your email, we would appreciate it. This is not a requirement, but will help our QC department in dealing with packaging or shipping issues. A replacement will shipped using the same shipping option as the original order.

We are unable to accept returns on our perishable goods, so please do not send your purchase back to us.

Is your fish wild-caught or farm-raised?

Of Course our seafood is Wild!

Every product is wild, nothing is farmed raised.

Our mission at Wild Tide Seafoods is to offer direct delivery of top quality fish and seafood. We offer this both to health & fitness-seekers, so that they get the benefits of omega 3 fats in the form of healthy, pure, delicious fish servings, and also to folks who just love great seafood! We hope we are making it easy, by offering both variety packs as well as individual types of seafood, for you to eat and enjoy a variety of fish and get the USDA recommendation of a minimum of 2 servings of fish per week.

Why is your fish shipped frozen instead of fresh?

Nothing beats the taste of fish & shellfish fresh out of the water. If you are lucky enough to catch fish yourself and enjoy cooking and eating your catch, or if you live near fishing communities and can buy seafood fresh off the boat, then you know what we’re talking about. But a few days after fish is caught and filleted, it begins to lose its freshness; bacteria start to do their work, and flavor gradually changes after a week or more. After two weeks, virtually all “fresh” unfrozen fish will no longer be fit to eat. Luckily, fish that is flash-frozen (with special equipment that freezes delicate fish flesh within minutes) within a couple of days (or in some cases a few hours) stops the breakdown process. You can then keep this properly-frozen fish in a very fresh state for months, thawing and cooking it when you want to enjoy fish the way it tastes when it comes out of the water.

After whole fish is harvested and filleted, it is usually shipped first to a wholesale intermediary or to a distribution center, and thereafter shipped to the stores selling retail fish to consumers. Each step in this distribution process usually takes days rather than hours. Therefore, the “fresh” fish that you see in the big-box discount grocery store in your neighborhood is usually either 1) already a week or more old, or 2) previously frozen. (Previously frozen fish should be marked as such, but in practice this doesn’t always happen. So ask before you buy.) The exceptions to this are the natural/high-end grocers and fish markets who carefully source their fish. This is where Wild Tide Seafoods comes in. In order to offer you a variety of the best fish in a state of freshest flavor, our fish is frozen as soon as possible after processing. In this case, the fish industry’s inside quote rings true: Our frozen fish is usually fresher than fresh! It’s what we feed our families, and we believe it’s what you will want to eat once you’ve tried it.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Jean A.

Crab is huge and delicious. Tastes like you just caught it.


The best crab I’ve had in years. Big thick crab legs, not the thin meatless type. These were well worth the price.

Donald B.
Red king, crab legs

The crab legs arrived on time I like the way they were packaged. We were very happy with them and the price was reasonable. Thank you.

Stephen P.
As advertised!

Crab legs were delivered as advertised! Huge legs and ZERO broken pieces that just take space. If you are looking for king crab….youre in the right place!

Allen R.

King crab legs tasted fresh and were great. Will order again.