Top 5 Reasons Frozen Seafood is Superior to "Fresh"!

Top 5 Reasons Frozen Seafood is Superior to "Fresh"!

In the realm of seafood, the term "fresh" has long been associated with the image of recently caught, ocean-to-table delicacies available at your local grocery store. However, the reality may not be as pristine as it seems. Unbeknownst to many, the so-called fresh seafood lining the store shelves often conceals a journey that compromises its quality and taste.


1. The Illusion of Freshness

When we hear the word "fresh," we envision seafood pulled straight from the ocean and onto our plates. Unfortunately, this is often not the case with the seafood showcased in grocery stores. In truth, many so-called fresh fish have undergone extensive transportation through the supply chain, sometimes covering thousands of miles before reaching the consumer.

2. The Thawed Deception

One common practice is the twice thawing of frozen seafood and marketing it as fresh. This deceptive tactic gives the impression of recently caught fish, when, in fact, it has undergone multiple freezing processes along its journey. The result is a compromise in texture, flavor, and overall quality.

3. Decomposition on the Journey

Freshness is not merely about the time since catch; it's about the preservation of quality during transportation. Seafood transported over long distances is susceptible to decomposition, leading to a decline in taste and nutritional value. The time spent in transit can expose the fish to various factors such as temperature changes, compromising its integrity.

4. The Wild-Tide Seafoods Advantage

In contrast, frozen fish from Wild Tide Seafoods presents a superior alternative. By freezing fish at the source, immediately after catch, this method locks in the freshness and preserves the quality until it reaches your kitchen. This process not only maintains the flavor and texture but also ensures the seafood is free from additives and preservatives.

5. Sustainability and Traceability

Wild Tide Seafoods also emphasizes sustainability and traceability, allowing consumers to know exactly where their seafood comes from. This commitment to ethical fishing practices not only supports the environment but also ensures a more genuine and reliable source of seafood.


While the allure of fresh seafood at the grocery store may be tempting, it's crucial to question the true journey and quality behind it. Frozen fish from Wild Tide Seafoods emerges as the superior choice, providing a genuine freshness that withstands the challenges of transportation. By choosing responsibly sourced and fresh frozen seafood, consumers can enjoy a truly authentic and delightful seafood experience. 

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