An Alaskan Salmons Journey

An Alaskan Salmons Journey

This tale begins on a brisk summers morning in the majestic backdrop of Esther Island in Prince William Sound, Alaska. As the clanking sound of anchor chains rolling up on wenches and the low rumble of gillnetters coming to life fills the air a captain grabs his morning coffee, the life blood of his trade, and heads to the helm to begin the day’s work.

As a tender captain it is his job to see to the harvesters needs and deliver their product to the harbor so that it can be shared with the world. Over the course of the day he will meet harvesters in breathtakingly beautiful remote bays to deliver mail, fuel and groceries while offloading any salmon they may have caught that day to bring to market. The Salmon is kept in a refrigerated sea water holding tank preserving it until it can be processed for market.

As the day of fishing comes to a close our captain heads to the harbor surrounded by the misting spray emitted from his fellow travelers of the sea. On his port and starboard side are a pod of grey whales bubble feeding on a school of herring, "today was a good day!" he thinks to himself as he surrenders the helm to his engineer and heads to his state room for some much needed rest. After a brief respite he is awakened by his crewmen and informed that they are approaching the harbor. He once again reaches for his trusted coffee mug and heads to the helm to wrestle the 120 ton vessel into the dock for delivery. As tie up lines are tossed and greetings shared the sound of fish flopping across the stainless steel shoots can be heard.

A cacophony of industry fills the air as the salmon heads for the fillet machines and into the blast freezer in preparation for the next phase of its journey. As evening approaches a customer looking for great seafood makes an order online for their next dinner party. The salmon fillets are boxed with dry ice loaded on a plane and delivered to the customers doorstep. This is the journey our salmon takes to reach your dinner plate. From harbor to home that is the journey of our seafood!

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